Bigger dorm for patients’ families

Bigger dorm for patients’ families

HAVING a loved one critically ill in intensive care is mentally, emotionally and practically challenging.

Often, exhausted family members sleep in their cars or on small chairs in the hospital just to be close to their loved one in case they take a turn for the worse.

In collaboration with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), National Heart Institute (IJN) Foundation has refurbished its dormitory for family members of patients who are seeking treatment at IJN to stay and rest.

Located in the institute’s Block C, the all-new fully air-conditioned dormitory is clean, comfortable and equipped with facilities such as a pantry, living and laundry areas as well as bathrooms.

“My husband collapsed at our home in Muar and was later diagnosed with heart disease.

“I had so much on my mind and did not know what to do as this has never happened to any of my family members.


“I was recommended to seek treatment at IJN as it had better medical resources to take on the case.

“So, we came to IJN but I was still worried. Initially, I refused to leave my husband’s side and was not bothered to rest.

“But an IJN personnel said it would not be of any good if I fall sick from exhaustion and I should get some rest while they take care of my husband,” she said.

The IJN employee then told Noormah about the newly refurbished dormitory.

“I am glad that I chose to stay here while my husband recovers in the ICU (intensive care unit). I know he is in good hands,” she said.

Noormah is not alone in the dormitory.

“I have made friends from many states whose loved ones are also seeking treatment at IJN.

“Although I am sad and worried about my husband, I am glad that I have friends here.

“We support each other through this tough period,” Noormah said, adding that when her 69-year-old husband was stable enough to move into the regular ward, she would leave the dormitory to be by his side.

“My third daughter is getting married this month. All I can do is hope and pray that my husband will be well enough to travel back to witness the special occasion,” Noormah said in tears.

IJN Foundation manager Ritzzawati Rosli Mohd Rosli said the dormitory was opened in 2010 to offer family members a place within the vicinity in case of emergencies.

“Initially, it was only for patients’ families who lived outside of the Klang Valley and whose loved ones were in critical condition.

“With the help from TNB this year, we have expanded the dormitory to accommodate more than 60 people compared to only 25 people before this,” Ritzzawati said, adding that the dormitory is also for family members of patients who are in the open wards.

She thanked TNB for collaborating and supporting IJN Foundation.

“We are grateful for TNB’s contribution of RM1.4mil for the refurbishment and upkeep of the dormitory for five years,” she added.

Completed in October, the TNB-IJN Foundation dormitory offers two separate dormitories for female and male priced at RM10 (bunk bed) and RM20 (single bed) and four family rooms at RM50 each per night.

“We hope this facility will give our patients peace of mind knowing that their family is nearby and being taken care of so that they can focus on recovering,” Ritzzawati said.

IJN chief executive officer and senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub said IJN would continue to work on improving its facilities for its patients and their families.

“As we continue to stay true to our mission of making high quality heart treatment accessible to all Malaysians, we also want to care for their families and meet their needs and expectations.

“We are in the midst of planning our next expansion and refurbishment efforts which will take place in phases starting in 2019,” he said.


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